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Three Pest Control Tips for All Home Owners

We’ve all been there – having to duck and dive in order to avoid a stray wasp, or having to turn to the internet to find the latest remedy for an invading colony of ants that has taken a liking to our kitchens. As humorous as these events might sound, the reality is that every year thousands of homes suffer with damage as a result of infestations; with some pests and critters being far guiltier than others.

The great news is that there are plenty of ways to deter these pests, especially in the early stages of their invasions. Before calling out a control officer, take a look at these three pest control tips!

Keep all food off of work surfaces

There are several things that pests look for whilst exploring for a safe and secure home – and one of them just so happens to be a source of food. If you’ve just prepared sandwiches be sure to wipe all of the leftover crumbs away – and do the same for any type of food or ingredient for that matter. Definitely don’t leave food out overnight, because this will act as a beacon to all nearby insects.

Block potential entrances

Once food, or safety, has been spotted – the next thing that critters (including small mammals like mice and possums) will do, is to attempt to make their way in. If there’s a gap between roof tiles or a brick missing in a wall, then this could be all that it takes for the invaders to gain entry. If you’ve spotted a few stray animals, or even small lizards; your home might benefit from a quick once-over to check for gaps and ways-in that these creatures are using.

Call a professional

If you’ve done everything that you can and your home is still suffering with infestations, no matter their severity – it might be time to call out the big guns. Getting in touch with a pest control agency can be the ideal solution and these experts will be able to visit your home, evaluate the problem and then implement the most effective solutions to ensure that everything returns to normal.

And there you have it – three tips to keep your home clean and clear of wild animals and pesky insects. Be sure to take advantage of them all year round for a secure home and never be afraid to get in touch with the professionals.