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Window Repairs

Window maintenance can be as simple as a quick wipe over with a cloth and polish, or an injection of filler to secure the frame and provide a greater level of insulation, but there can be times where window damage can be more considerable. In these events, it’s never advisable to attempt to take care of a glass repair project without the proper level of experience – and this is where hiring a glazier can come in useful.

Which Types of Signs Should You Look Out For?

There are several events that can take their toll on the durability and structural integrity of glass windows. Here’s a closer look at 5 of them; including why they occur and how to treat them.

Glass warping

Modern day glass is typically heated to very high temperatures in order to reinforce the atom composition within panels. This glass is then tempered to ensure structural integrity and durability – although it’s worth noting that glass is still glass and it can become brittle. Where excessive temperatures can sometimes cause shattering – this isn’t always the case with modern glass panes. Instead, warping can occur whereby a panel can bend and bow. The only method of treatment is replacement as the structural integrity can warp beyond reparation.

Window blowing

In the case of double windows, where the central gap located between the two panels can be prone to fluctuating temperatures, it’s not uncommon for issues to occur within this area. This is because of the potential for warmer temperatures within a home to conflict with the colder exterior panel – and if the frame and rubber insulation strips around the glass isn’t properly secured, this can result in blowing. This event will typically appear as a foggy discolouration to the panels and the only method of treatment is via replacement.


In the past, any form of impact to glass would typically result in shattering, but these days and thanks in no small part to the tempering process that modern glass is exposed to, chips can be a fairly minimal concern. Most glaziers will be able to take care of chips by injecting a form of adhesive resin into the gap and once set, this formula can act to solidify and reinforce the strength of the glass.


Cracks will often occur when there is too much pressure on a pane of glass as a result of frame subsidence. Other events can lead to cracking as well however, and that’s why dealing with these issues are some of the most popular glass repair services out there. If the crack isn’t too substantial then adhesive can be used. If the glass has been laminated, this layer can also act to ensure that the pieces of glass remain within the frame – just in case they shatter as a result of pressure.