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Choosing a Smile Designs Dentist

Hello and welcome to Smile Designs – your local dental experts with over a decade of experience in the field. Our team of dentists are all fully qualified and educated and we make a point of helping our patients to feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. Gone are the days where people fear their next trip to the dentists; at Smile Designs your comfort is our priority and our practitioners will do everything in their power to make sure that you are relaxed and stress-free at all times. Who Are We? We are one of Australia’s leading dental clinics, proudly offering regular treatments and check-ups, as well as cosmetic procedures and advanced surgeries to our clients. We are a private practice and as a result we are able to offer some of the most extensive treatments to our patients – ones that they would have to wait for months to receive elsewhere. This makes us one of the leading clinics for emergency procedures, as well as allowing us to cater to urgent requests and requirements. We don’t do things by halves, in fact when it comes to the care and maintenance of your teeth and gums; we prefer to get to grips with any issues at the source and then treat you as thoroughly as possible. As one of the leading dentists in Hawthorn, we’re proud to offer our services to those in and around the area – but that doesn’t mean that we can’t see you if you’re travelling from a little further afield. Over the years that we’ve been in operation our dentists, medical staff and even our receptionists have honed their skills in a way that our competition simply can’t replicate, or even come close to mimicking. From the moment that you give us a call (or send us an email), all the way to when you’re welcomed by our friendly staff and prepared for your appointment – you can trust that we will be putting you and your requirements first; and that’s a promise. Why Choose Us? It’s easy to settle for government services and those funded by the local authorities, but in our experience these facilities can often suffer with extensive delays and lesser-quality treatments. Here at Smile Designs our agenda is in our name – and whether you’re in need of a quick check up of your oral hygiene, if you’d prefer an extensive whitening treatment, or even if you need a more advanced clinical procedure we are here to help. Our prices are some of the most affordable in Australia, let alone our base of operations; Hawthorn. Our patients come to us whenever they need professional help with an oral concern; or a cosmetic requirement that they’d like us to see to. We make full use of our premises and facilities, and thanks to the versatility of our dentists and members of staff we can all but guarantee to be able to see you at a time and date that suits your…
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Things to Consider Relating to Permanent Tattoo Removal

Every year thousands of people in Australia decide to visit tattoo studios to have a particular icon, emblem, or phrase permanently stained into their skin – and although many go through their lives satisfied with the results, others might find themselves wishing that they could undo their decision. In the past, people were often stuck with their choices, but these days, due in no small part to the benefits of laser therapies and procedures; even the most detailed and expansive of tattoos can be removed in their entirety. Permanent Tattoo Removal The advanced processes involved whenever a tattoo artist starts a new design can be all but impossible to reverse. Using a fine needle, a pigmented serum will be injected into the dermal layers within the skin and once settled, the ink will be permanent in nature. Although tattoos can fade over time, the chemical compounds have been known to last a lifetime – in fact they can actually remain present for well over a few centuries – as is constantly discovered by archaeologists. This might sound like a pretty impossible barrier to overcome, but the reality is that as powerful as these pigments can be; lasers are even more so. In the past, some people opted to apply bleach to their skin in a bid to lessen the appearance of their tattoos and although the ammonia content within these types of chemicals may have worked to some degree; the unwanted tattoo might still be visible, albeit faded. Then there’s the concern of the bleach taking a toll on the skin – and in some cases there are documented reports of long-lasting damage akin to first degree burns. The Potential of Laser Treatments Lasers on the other hand can be controlled in their entirety, including the coverage that their beam provides, as well as their power output. Depending on the age and depth of the tattoo, a laser treatment will be able to start ridding a person of their unwanted design with just a few sessions. The more substantial the tattoo the longer the process can take, but in 99% of cases the final result will be a surface area of skin that is completely free of all pigmentation as a result of the tattoo. By focusing the laser on the tattoo in concentrated beams, it becomes a possibility to break down the ink’s compounds and allow them to dissipate in their entirety. This industry-leading technology has allowed people of all ages to rid themselves of their unwanted tattoos and as the laser won’t take a toll on the skin beyond affecting the pigments of the ink – there’s minimal risk of scarring, or any side effects for that matter.